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Step 1. Consumer

Our first round of beta testing will be focusing on the consumer side of letsbutterfly. The initial focus will be on the evaluation process of ones home prior to reaching out to an agent to start the selling process.


Step 2. Agent

The second round of testing will cover the on-demand service for agents. Consumers will be able to reach agents via a request from the app. The agent will be notified for properties that are available for sale. A connection can be made thereafter to start the selling process.


Step 3. Services

At a later stage, we will include services (local and national) to start utilizing the platform to deliver their solutions to consumers and agents in an easy-to-use and beautiful experience. More details will surface as we approach this round of testing.


Step 4. Expansion

Through out each round of the process we will be expanding our platform from state to state based on demand.


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