We are made up of hard-working and passionate individuals continually innovating to help bring transparency and accessibility for a more open real estate.

Our Commitment

Working together toward a shared vision

ompared to many industry ecosystems, real estate stands as one that tends to be more closed than others. Homeowners tend to be in the dark when it comes to information and processes while data, in many cases, is found to be fragmented and restricted. Such an environment creates unnecessary layers of friction. Moreover, new agents entering the space are facing a high barrier to entry due to the competitive and growing complex nature of the market. Ideally, marrying education as well as creating seamless access to agents and services would help brings us closer to a more open market.

A more open real estate, that's accessible and transparent to everyone, allows for many innovative opportunities. As much as we love empowering agents and brokers with sophisticated and cutting-edge tools, it's essential to do the same with homeowners and buyers. An agent working with an informed consumer creates a smoother and more efficient overall experience at an even lower cost.

Our commitment is to do everything we can to Educate, Empower, Protect, and Unify the critical components that make up real estate.

Real estate that's accessible and transparent to everyone opens itself up for more innovative opportunities
Haitham Al-Beik
Founder, CEO
Founder Story

Unifying a fragmented and closed market

Haitham founded letsbutterfly™ after experiencing the frustration of selling his own home. Working with an agent that used multiple fragmented services created many gaps in information and lousy overall user experience. Before coming up with a solution, he decided to experience these issues hands-on in at least 40 homes. After finding numerous problems, Haitham built a prototype app from the ground-up in an attempt to resolve some of the complexities and potentially streamline the experience.

Soon after, he entered the 2017 RESO® DataComp Competition in San Diego and won the "Crowd Favorite" award. Haitham also recently spoke at 2018 INMAN Hackathon in San Diego discussing the topic of "Building Smarter APIs: How can we standardize APIs for Real Estate."

Our Pillars

Everything we do must meet the four pillars that we stand by at letsbutterfly



In every step of the process we work to insure the user is educated to make an informed decision while improving business relations.


All parties involved in any process should be transparent and easily accessible to make an informed decision while minimizing friction and improving overall experience.


Privacy, security, and everyones safety is important to the core of the platform. We take the necessary steps to make sure your information is only visible to the ones you approve.


The platform is built to allow features to be accessed in a beautiful and consistent unified experience.

"Keep it simple, silly.”

Meet the Team

Haitham Al-Beik
CEO, Founder
warren dow
Asif iqbal

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